24 1 / 2013

Zaika - Inspiration

A preview of an unreleased track by German producer Zaika, with a playful approach to ambient textures and dub aesthetics.

16 1 / 2013

Ifan Dafydd - Celwydd

New material from Ifan Dafydd, a Welsh producer who cannot escape from comparisons with James Blake, his good friend and ex-flatmate. Includes vocals from Alys Williams.

03 12 / 2012

Dailon - vibr8

I’m seeing a small return of “post-dubstep” aesthethics incorporated in dreamy and wonky beats in some of the productions lately. Winter is coming.

26 11 / 2012

Dailon - I Will Be

Slow, melancholic beats to which one could attach the dreaded “post dubstep” label. Created by an American producer who hails from the Bay Area.

24 9 / 2012

Trimbal - Confidence Boost

Finally a proper release and an official music video for the Trim & James Blake collaboration, which some of you might have heard a couple years ago as part of the Harmonimix tracks released by Blake.

18 9 / 2012

Shelter Point - Forever For Now

A stunning debut EP from duo Shelter Point to be released on Scuba’s Hotflush Records. Connecting the so-called “post R&B” and”post dubstep” influences with decent vocals and recent bassy production trends, the pair creates a very relaxed and pleasant musical journey in a post-everything aesthetic.

03 8 / 2012

Airhead - Pyramid Lake

Airhead’s Pyramid Lake appeared a couple days ago on Pitchfork in a form of an audio stream, but now it finally made its way to Soundcloud too becoming more “shareable”. A quite experimental piece with reverbed drum sounds akin to what you can hear in dub tracks, with some unsettling sounding synths and vocal samples. Very interesting.

02 8 / 2012

Mister Lies - Dionysian

A decent production by American producer Mister Lies which seems to be heavily influenced by the so called “post dubstep” movement. Grows nicely, quite mellow and happy.

26 4 / 2012

xxyyxx - Northern Lights

I find it difficult to follow xxyyxx’s influx of new material, however from time to time there’s a track that really catches my attention, like this Lapalux-like song called Northern Lights. One should follow the track’s disclaimer though: “girl u wanna be high 4 this”

09 4 / 2012

Änimal - I Found You

A very nice track from an Amsterdam based duo. Laid back with post-dubstep aesthetics.