15 2 / 2013

Innershades - That Girl EP

Nostalgic hard-hitting house from Innershades with remixes from Locked Groove and Vakula.

13 2 / 2013

French Fries - White Screen

Upcoming release from French Fries on ClekCleckBoom Recordings. Your typical bouncy house/bass tune with some synth samples thrown in the mix. Simple but effective.


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04 2 / 2013

Konga Konga - Naturalism EP

As usual, freshly sounding material from the B.YRSLF Division, this time with wonky and colourful tropical sounds of Konga Konga. To be released later this week.

07 1 / 2013

Benjamin Damage - Together

A surprisingly relaxing and soothing material from Benjamin Damage from his upcoming release Heliosphere.

07 1 / 2013

Nphonix - Tactix EP

An upcoming release from the Audio Culture Label by Nphonix, a portion of messy and atmospheric deep house and techno. Due out later this month.

05 1 / 2013

j.a.s.m.i.n.e. - Sparkling Diamond

Reminds me of Gerry Read’s 90’s Prostitution Racket, minus the vocals. A piece of old-school sounding house from a mysterious producer called j.a.s.m.i.n.e., referencing the Japanese singer Jasmine.

30 12 / 2012

The Early Sounds Collective - LSK1

"Early Sounds" is a fitting name for this raw and classic sounding techno/house tune from these four Italians.

18 12 / 2012

Sensate Focus - Déviation Heat-treated

An interesting response by Sensate Focus to Heatsick’s Déviation EP. A collection of re-layered, re-sampled and re-thought sounds with quite a cosmic feeling.

03 12 / 2012

Jack Dixon - 1 EP

What a nice way to start a week with a free EP from the one and only Jack Dixon.

29 11 / 2012

Pharell - Frontin (Jam Jam Bootleg)

Jaw Jam has released another bootled featuring Pharell, this time created a lovely peace of wonky, bubbly house with some slight “post dubstep” aesthetics.