15 1 / 2013

SMΛЦG - This isn’t England

Incorporating pitch-shifted vocals and despite that still keeping it quite fresh. Now this seems like something worth attention.

05 12 / 2012

Burial - UK (JayLotus Remix)

I’m usually quite sceptical when people touch Burial, but JayLotus is surely the right person to be doing that. Slippery drums tinged with a subtle jazzy vibe known from Dilla-esque beats. Beautiful.

12 10 / 2012

Clicks & Whistles - 2 Much Higher

A track from Clicks & Whistle’s 2 Much Higher EP, a fast-paced mix between juke and future garage, forthcoming on Symbols.

(via dub-werke)

01 10 / 2012

Davwuh - Divine

The talented Liverpudlian Davwuh has released a short track on his Soundcloud entitled Divine. The song is a mixture of his signature melancholic style with a more energetic 2-step-ish drum pattern, and has been tagged as “Future Blues” which feels weirdly adequate.

24 9 / 2012

Smaug - Terminus

Another track featuring vocals from Trim, this time from Smaug. Nice atmosphere with some great drum work. I love the second part of the song.

03 8 / 2012

Illegitimate Children - Injection

Despite the moniker “Illegitimate Children” is only one person, an American producer who is a self-proclaimed mathematical nerd who apparently wants to be Rick Ross when he grows up. If that’s not enticing enough, the song Injection is a solid, fresh sounding slab of synth soaked “future bass”.

16 7 / 2012

Wabz - Hachling

To describe Wabz’s latest track called Hachling (sic) I’ll use the description he used on Soundcloud: “Get your sub out this one goes low. Sorry if you cant hear the bass we all should have subs”. But don’t get fooled, this isn’t just another bass overload extravaganza, it’s a spotless garage(ish) track with some interesting vibes.

15 7 / 2012

An untitled track by the talented Scullious, who posted in on Soundcloud asking whether he should finish or not. I think after listening to the first few bars the answer is rather obvious. Have a listen and judge for yourself.

30 6 / 2012

B-Ju - Taurus

I’ve already posted Bird Call from B-Ju’s upcoming EP Eclectic Zoo, but I got completely addicted to another song from the release called Taurus. It is available as a free download from XLR8R, so I recommend you grab it as quickly as possible. Vibes.

18 6 / 2012

Gacha - Bowl

Georgian producer Gacha is releasing his latest EP on Apollo, a recently revived R&S sublabel. Here’s a video directed by Anna Kobakhidze for one of his tracks called Bowl. You’ll see a bunch of girls dancing to some 2-step. Literally.