09 10 / 2012

Jade - Dont Walk Away (JAW JAM 3 A.M. Dub)

Daaaaaamn, this sounds fresh. Audibly influenced by the 90’s yet the synth jabs sound quite modern and futuristic. Available as a free download.

08 10 / 2012

Dreams - Over

Starting off sounding a bit like a Fade To Mind release, with aggressive hits, fast drums surrounded by bleeps and bloops, Dreams’ Over transitions in its second half into a more relaxed and dreamy piece with lush synths and fitting vocal samples. From his upcoming LP entitled Lost Kingdom.

08 10 / 2012

Kelpe - Bags of Time (Neon Jung’s Wormhole Remix)

Neon Jung’s ethereal 2-step remix of Kelpe’s Bags of Time with good drumwork and pleasant ambient textures. The music video contains Instagram-esque footage from several travels in London, including a trip on the DLR (Dockland’s Lame Rollercoaster).

01 10 / 2012

Davwuh - Divine

The talented Liverpudlian Davwuh has released a short track on his Soundcloud entitled Divine. The song is a mixture of his signature melancholic style with a more energetic 2-step-ish drum pattern, and has been tagged as “Future Blues” which feels weirdly adequate.

01 10 / 2012

Jets (Jimmy Edgar & Machinedrum) - Lock Lock Key

Jets, a collaboration between Jimmy Edgar and Machinedrum, will be releasing their debut EP later this month. Having been friends for 12 years the pair decided to finally do something together. Here’s a taster of what to expect.

24 9 / 2012

Smaug - Terminus

Another track featuring vocals from Trim, this time from Smaug. Nice atmosphere with some great drum work. I love the second part of the song.

17 9 / 2012

Various Artists - Crystal Waves

A young label called Santon has released today a free compilation containing many different producers who make different kinds of contemporary electronic music, from trap and juke to garage and classic 4x4 house. Here’s a teaser of the whole release.

16 9 / 2012

Sango - Não Solta Não (LAKIM Refix)

Soulection have released a free EP from Sango which also contains three remixes by LAKIM, Jon Bap and KeyBoard Kid. Free summer vibes for the people are doubleplusgood if you ask me.

14 9 / 2012

Hardy - Keep On Luvin’

What? A British 17-year producer making “future bass” music with high-pitched/low-pitched looped vocal samples and soft synths? Well, yeah, for some reason we’re getting a lot of those lately, however for those who still enjoy that kind of music, here’s another neatly produced track.

07 9 / 2012

Koloah - Thru Memories

I’ve already mentioned this EP before but it got released today and I absolutely love this track. Dreamy trap?