25 2 / 2013

Julian (Pavilion Tape) - NDRMA

Short but powerful ambient piece with minimal rhythm and lush piano samples.

25 1 / 2013

Visionist - Pain

It’s difficult to tell whether this is just a curiosity or something that will grow into a full-blown track, but Visionist’s Pain, as heard in Oneman’s RinseFM Set, is definately in an interesting, irregular piece of music.

07 12 / 2012

Smaug - Lost in Bonkers

More slightly unsettling but atmospheric material from Smaug. A very nice assemblage of samples, drum patterns and textures.

04 12 / 2012

TM404 - 303/303/303/303/606

TM404 (Andreas Tilliander) is working on a project which certainly looks like a tribute to Roland music hardware. In this particular track the title most likely lists the devices used.

09 10 / 2012

Nosaj Thing - Eclipse / Blue feat. Kazu Makino (Daedelus Pacific Sunset)

If you’ve enjoyed Daedelus’ previous leftfield juke shenanigans, here’s some more: a remix of Nosaj Thing’s latest track Eclipse/Blue.

05 10 / 2012

Photek - Pyramid

Here’s a preview demonstrating what we can expect from Photek’s upcoming album KU:PALM. Atmospheric jungle with an experimental touch.

14 9 / 2012

Ras G - Are U On Something?

The one and only Ras G has released a new track (although apparently an “oldie”) on Soundcloud entitled “Are U On Something” which in his case is probably a rhetorical question. Ohhh Rassssssss….

07 8 / 2012

Yve$ - yvonne

Christian Lewis, also known as Ryddim93 and Yve$, dropped this haunting piece of ambient juke with some nice atmospheric textures and vocal samples dipped in a cacophony of drums. Can’t imagine people juking to this, but it’s definitely worth a listen.

03 8 / 2012

Airhead - Pyramid Lake

Airhead’s Pyramid Lake appeared a couple days ago on Pitchfork in a form of an audio stream, but now it finally made its way to Soundcloud too becoming more “shareable”. A quite experimental piece with reverbed drum sounds akin to what you can hear in dub tracks, with some unsettling sounding synths and vocal samples. Very interesting.

25 7 / 2012

Arca - Self Defense

Dark, noisy, experimental grime, upcoming on the New York label UNO 6th August 2012. Really like his style.