19 7 / 2012

Portico Quartet - Lacker Boo (DVA’s Hi:Emotions Remix)

One of my favourite contemporary jazz bands, Portico Quartet, gets a remix from DVA. Keeping parts of the original percussion in tact, DVA adds a fat bassline and creates something that could actually work on the dancefloor.

16 7 / 2012

Eleven Tigers - Ridden

A brand new “work in progress” track from the super talented Eleven Tigers. As usual a lot of progression between different rhythmical constructs and patterns. A nice oriental vibe with an interesting combination of samples. Have a listen.

30 6 / 2012

Eleven Tigers - Hunted

A great new track from the talented Lithuanian producer Eleven Tigers. Sampling an obscure Mongolian singer he creates a haunting yet mesmerizing atmosphere. I really like the glitchy drum work here too. Have a listen.

21 5 / 2012

Kidaudra - Anorexia

Quite an eclectic piece from Kidaudra’s upcoming debut EP Unknown. Experimental electronic beats with acoustic elements accompanied by her vocals. The EP will be available on the 7th of July at her bandcamp page.