18 2 / 2013

Glenn Astro - Tearz EP

Glenn Astro will be soon releasing his Tearz EP with an assortment of very nice deep house tracks. Upcoming 25th of March.


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16 10 / 2012

Model 500 - OFI (Synkro’s Slow Jam Mix)

OFI is one of those Atkins’ tracks that receive great remix treatment. Space Dimension Controller’s interpretation was sublime, and now Synkro prepared a really smooth and sexy version of the track. Hotness.

08 10 / 2012

Joyce Muniz - Calm Before The Storm

Nice, deep and smooth tech-house by Brazilian producer Joyce Muniz, which can be found on his latest EP entitled Drop In Pressure.

24 9 / 2012

A1 Bassline - Breakaway EP

Today A1 Bassline has released his latest EP entitled “Breakaway” with a nice selection of different house vibes, starting off with soulful material, followed by deeper and heavier rhythms. Digitial available today, vinyl has been available since the 17th of September.

16 9 / 2012

Audiojack - These Days (Jimmy Edgar Implication)

Jimme Edgar’s take on Audiojack’s These Days which incorporates the recently popular 90’s house vibes. I especially like the second half of the track.

03 9 / 2012

Reverie - Giveitaway EP

Who doesn’t like free music, especially if it’s immaculately produced. Reverie is giving away his latest EP, which contains some nice glitchy, deep and atmospheric house/techno tunes.

02 8 / 2012

Brabe - Love Philtre (Citizen Remix)

Brabe is releasing a fresh sounding EP entitledLove Philtre with three cuts of lush Amsterdam house and two remixes including this great remix by Citizen. Proper house beat with that classic feeling. Available as a free download.

15 7 / 2012

Lostlojic - Without & With You

I love Lostlojic mostly for his deep garage tunes, however his latest production, which is closer to regular house, is also a damn fine piece of music. Hopefully this will get released soon.

15 7 / 2012

Tomas Barford - Came to Party

Tomas Barfod, a Danish producer and WhoMadeWho drummer, has released a video for one of his first singles from his upcoming LP Salton Sea, which also is available on the Came To party EP. A slow 4x4 house track with a soothing and groovy vibe.

15 7 / 2012

Trikk - Chicago Haze EP

Some deeper house vibes from Trikk on his latest EP Chicago Haze. My favourite track from the release is probably the last one, Atoms and Suns. Apparently it will be released as a free download from Container Music, so - yay!