19 6 / 2012

Sleepyhead - Endless Island EP

Symbols Recordings are about to release Sleepyhead’s Endless Island EP. An eclectic compilation of eerie sounds (although I swear Lrdhvmrcy and Rainbow Thorns sound like the same track…) which will be available for purchase for your listening pleasure on the 17th of July.

13 6 / 2012

SMΔUG° - paynömind

Harsh, aggressive and deep hip-hop beats & breaks from Montreal’s Smaug. Starts of with a dark vibe reminding me a bit of Dälek, mutating a Busta Rhymes sample from Woo-Hah!, and then slowly fades into a more melancholic ending with some piano chords and airy sounds. It’s fascinating that so much can happen during two minutes.

10 5 / 2012

Blue Daisy - Sleeping Willow

New material from London’s Kwesi Darko a.k.a. Blue Daisy. A slow, heavy, wonky beat with some tiny witch house influences in the second half of the song.

09 5 / 2012

Pariah - Rift

Some dark and unsettling material from Pariah, forthcoming on R&S Records. I sense some tribal Shackletonian influences here. I love how it keeps growing and growing.

03 5 / 2012

Duke Dumont - Street Walker

Some dark, naughty house from UK producer Duke Dumont with a big dose of swagger and a matching video. Forthcoming on the For Club Play Only Vol. 1 EP, May 21, Turbo Recordings.

02 5 / 2012

Ghostek - Captcha

A bit of darker house from Ghostek with no release information at the moment but a big track nonetheless.

01 5 / 2012

Boddika & Joy Orbison

Two new tracks from B&JO. The first one, Prone, is probably the most melodic release from the duo to date. The latter, called simply Dun Dun, is similar to their previous releases - darker house which is more suitable for the dancefloor.

22 4 / 2012

Delete & Gasface - Pulcinella’s Secret

A collaboration between Russian producer Delete and British producer Gasface. A slightly haunted, deep track with a reasonable number of piano samples which sometimes can spoil a track.

20 4 / 2012

LXC / Senses - I Know U / Rodney’s Choice

There has been quite a few juke productions inspired by jungle/drum&bass, however the second release from the Bustle Beats label sounds like it’s the other way round. LXC’s "I Know U" has a pounding bass with a rhythmical structure similar to footwork’s tuplets soaked in a dark jungle sound with tribal influences. On the flip side we have a more traditionally sounding jungle track from Senses who was inspired by the 1990 film “Marked for Death”.

18 4 / 2012

Volor Flex - The Sign

Some may say it’s yet another Burialesque garage track, however there’s something nice and interesting about this one. Upcoming May 25, 2012.