01 10 / 2012

SCNTST - Sensus

A wonderful melodic techno/tech-house track with a subtle astral and calming background by a mysterious German producer called SCNTST.

14 9 / 2012

Hardy - Keep On Luvin’

What? A British 17-year producer making “future bass” music with high-pitched/low-pitched looped vocal samples and soft synths? Well, yeah, for some reason we’re getting a lot of those lately, however for those who still enjoy that kind of music, here’s another neatly produced track.

19 8 / 2012

Koloah - Moments EP

A new EP coming from the Ukrainian producer Koloah, to be released on 5th of September. This EP reflects his “emotions, dreams, and beautiful life moments”. I love the second track on the release called Truth Memories.

17 7 / 2012

Yagmha Murdock - KFK1

I’ve mentioned a few times that I’m truly a sucker for dreamy, space beats, especially with such a relaxed vibe like in this tune. Admittedly easily pleased in this area. So without further ado…

30 6 / 2012

xxyyxx - About You (Dream Koala Remix)

Wow. Here’s an amazing remix of xxyyxx’s About You by Dream Koala. Like his moniker suggests he created a very dreamy and relaxed version of the track (if the original wasn’t dreamy for you enough). And yes, I’m sorry, but I might use the term “post-dubstep” if asked to describe this song.

26 5 / 2012

Ungerade - Every Night

Another great tune from the Berkeley-based producer Ungerade. The vocal sample has been manipulated in such a way that not only it forms a great, deep texture, it also gained instrument-like qualities which were used the devise the overall melody. A great treat for fans of laid-back juke/footwork.

24 5 / 2012

5kinandbone5 - Holographic Love

Fresh sounds from 5kinandbone5, more chilled than usual with some nice textures and samples. I’ve previously expressed my concern that although their music sounds great, they seem to be working on similar stuff - they’ve proved me wrong! Good job guys!

02 5 / 2012

Vektroid - Seafoam Island

Drawing a tiny bit of inspiration from some of the qualities entailed in the so-called “sea punk” trend (which I still refuse to call a genre; it’s more of a hipster conspiracy) and from early 90’s donwtempo (with a pinch of New Age kitsch), Vektroid released a new track called “Seafoam Island” which will be released on the 13th of May 2012.

23 4 / 2012

Kondra Kasma - Ambidexter

I do like dreamy house tracks, just like this one. Nice textures, quite melodic and ethereal. Samples a song by Akira Yamaoka (video game music composer who scored music for Silent Hill).

22 4 / 2012

Best Available Technology - Broke

A portion of hazy and glitchy beats from the Portland based producer Best Available Technology. A lot of interesting textures and sounds here.