19 2 / 2013

REKchampa x Divine Interface - Soul

An easy-listening collaboration between REKchampa and Divine Interface that tickles me in all the right places.

19 2 / 2013


This is the type of ‘trap’ I fully enjoy, showing that this genre, that became a fad in a record breaking time, still has something to offer. Available as a free download.

15 2 / 2013

Ras G & Eagle Nebula – BLAST OFF!

Oh Rassssss….. Eagle Nebula & Ras G taking a hip-hop journey into outer space.

(via diagramm)

15 2 / 2013

Signal Shot - Swamp

A nice dubby and glitchy beat with some interesting samples. Available as a free download.

06 2 / 2013

Profesor Panson - Jitters

Another great beat from Prof. Panson, with a playful approach to drum samples, nice drown out samples and melody.

05 2 / 2013

Rules - I’m Patient (Empt Remix)

Empt remixed Rule’s I’m Patient, turning into a more “trappy” (I can’t believe I just used that word) track with soothing basslines and samples. Quite a popular vibe amongst producers right now.


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24 1 / 2013

Eskmo - Push & Pull

After a disappointing album in 2010 and “not so interesting” EPs that followed, Eskmo finally releases something worth some attention. Here’s Push & Pull from his latest EP called Terra.

15 1 / 2013

SMΛЦG - This isn’t England

Incorporating pitch-shifted vocals and despite that still keeping it quite fresh. Now this seems like something worth attention.

15 1 / 2013

Phedee - run’round

It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed some wonky beats. Distorted and dissonant lo-fi vibes, part of Phedee’s newly released album.


04 1 / 2013

Koloah - XXX

A preview of an upcoming EP from Ukrainian producer Koloah. A range of popular modern styles, with remixes from Pixelord and Mike G.