03 1 / 2013

Koreless & Sampha (Short Stories) – Let It Go

One of my favourite songs of 2010 (yes, 2010) is going to be released (finally) on the Young Turks label. A piece by Koreless and Sampha, who are now working together under the moniker “Short Stories”.

28 11 / 2012

Daniel Drumz - (Sleepless) State of Mind

A track from Daniel Drum’z soon to be released EP of the same title, Sleepless State of Mind. Bordering with footwork tempo, it’s a neatly produced 2-step(ish) track with a clubby bassline and great samples.

13 9 / 2012

Nangdo - Bootyleg EP

Another upcoming treat from Soulection, this time from Dutch producer Nangdo with a selection of contemporary sounding pieces, ranging from juke to futuristic 2-step.

09 8 / 2012

Cid Rim - Draw

Cid Rim (a.k.a. Clemens Bacher) who has recently released his self-titled debut album via LuckyMe has presented his drumming skills in the official video to the 2-step(ish) track Draw.

25 6 / 2012

B-Ju - Bird Call

A new release upcoming on Squelch and Clap Records by B-Ju. An uplifting and funky tune with some organs akin to the style popularised by James Blake in productions like Love What Happened Here and other tunes created under the Harmonimix moniker (which, by the way, James will be using for an upcoming R&S release). Out July 9th.

14 4 / 2012

J-One - Washed Out

Really nice, subtle vocal samples here.

28 3 / 2012

Pablo Bolivar - Take Off

Some really nice deep stuff from the Barcelona-based Pablo Bolivar.

19 3 / 2012

Koen - 986

Very nice, chilled 2-step tune with some cool synth pads and drum samples. Getting released on the 27th of March.

11 3 / 2012

Mogadishu - Try Me

Samples Jai Paul - BTSTU. Very mellow.

29 2 / 2012

Sango - Trust Me EP