04 4 / 2013

Vaghe Stelle - Out Of Body

An interesting upcoming EP from Vaghe Stelle with a nice interpretation of popular contemporary electronic music styles.

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25 2 / 2013

Julian (Pavilion Tape) - NDRMA

Short but powerful ambient piece with minimal rhythm and lush piano samples.

25 2 / 2013

Dane Chadwick - Water Work

Taken from his free short long-play, a smooth “footworkesque”, “vaporwavesque”, “guilty-pleasure-esque” track with pleasant vibes reminiscent of those promoted by the B.YRSL Division.

20 2 / 2013

DJ Rashad - Rollin’ EP

An upcoming release from DJ Rashan on Hyperdub Records. Includes collaborations with his fellow ‘teknitianz’ DJ Spinn and DJ Manny.

19 2 / 2013

REKchampa x Divine Interface - Soul

An easy-listening collaboration between REKchampa and Divine Interface that tickles me in all the right places.

19 2 / 2013


This is the type of ‘trap’ I fully enjoy, showing that this genre, that became a fad in a record breaking time, still has something to offer. Available as a free download.

18 2 / 2013

Glenn Astro - Tearz EP

Glenn Astro will be soon releasing his Tearz EP with an assortment of very nice deep house tracks. Upcoming 25th of March.


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18 2 / 2013

Space Dimension Controller - Welcome to Mikrosector-50

It’s official now, this album will be freaking awesome (scientifically proven, I think).

15 2 / 2013

Ras G & Eagle Nebula – BLAST OFF!

Oh Rassssss….. Eagle Nebula & Ras G taking a hip-hop journey into outer space.

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15 2 / 2013

Innershades - That Girl EP

Nostalgic hard-hitting house from Innershades with remixes from Locked Groove and Vakula.